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Aria Medica team consists of highly dedicated individuals with diverse backgrounds, ideas and cultures and we use this as strength to serve our people at our highest determination.

Our Team

Ahmed Maher

Acting CEO/Pharmaceutical Consultant

Mr. Maher, BPharm, is the pharmaceutical consultant in Aria Medica. He is responsible for the general supervision of all phases of pharmaceutical operations including: production, quality control, selection of medicines, quantification, importation, storage/stock management and distribution. He works closely with the importation, supply and production team to increase market demands and profitability within the manufacturing operations of Aria Medica. Mr. Maher held management level positions in other pharmaceutical industries  

Mr. Maher has more than 10 years of experience in different pharmaceutical sectors including pharmaceuticals retailing and marketing, production, facilities, and Supply Chain Management that the last includes the whole pharmaceuticals business cycle supervision including the planning, global sourcing and purchasing, vendors selection and auditing, ending by logistics and pharmaceutical products warehousing supervision that to comply with the global rules and regulations. Mr. Maher has been involved in strategic planning, team leadership and assessment, cost efficient solutions, and harmonizing the different business sectors and departments work flow.

Mr. Maher has received his Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from Misr International University in Egypt in 2007, and worked as a community pharmacist for 2 years, followed by the pharmaceutical industrial sector. He is an experienced pharmaceutical Supply Chain Manager for multinational companies for more than 8 years. TQM DIP, 2009 in School of Business, at the American University in Cairo and CPIM certified from the AmCham of Commerce in Egypt.

Our Team

Hamed Sharifi

Communications, PR and Business Development Director

Mr. Sharifi is directing and guiding the strategy for all communications, website, and public relations messages and collateral to consistently articulate Aria Medica’s mission and vision. Manages its internal and external communications from developing communications policies to communicating key messages to defined target audiences, developing event and press releases/speeches, and collaborate closely with marketing, sales and business development teams in developing marketing and sales strategies.

Following up new business opportunities and setting up meetings, and one-on-one conversations with prospective pharma domestic manufacturers and distributors. Locate and propose potential business deals by contacting potential domestic partners; discovering and exploring opportunities within Afghanistan. Screens potential business deals by analyzing market strategies, deal requirements, potential, and financials and evaluating options. Develop and execute a strategic business plan that meets or exceeds established sales goals and supports Aria Medica’s revenue and profitability targets. Closes new business deals by coordinating requirements; developing and negotiating contracts; integrating contract requirements with business operations.

Mr. Sharifi has 11 years of experience in strategic communications, and he has delivered and managed complex projects for USAID, UK and U.S. Embassy clients, and administered strategic communications and outreach, capacity building, community development and local governance projects across Afghanistan with budgets totaling nearly $105 million. In addition, he designed communication strategies and M&E methodologies for multi-track social marketing and strategic communication campaigns for Afghan ministries and non-governmental organizations. Hamed has a deep knowledge of overall contractual of USAID and UN compliance, operational procedures and managed all HR functions for local and expat recruitment, ensure capacity development, and identify synergies among project teams to ensure efficient allocation of all resources for high-quality delivery of project targets as well as conduct performance evaluations of local and expat staff.

Mr. Sharifi received his Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Political Science from Chhatrapati Shahu JI Mahraj University (CSJMU), Kanpur, India.

Our Team

Mr. C.V. Rao

Senior Economist

Mr. Rao is the Senior Economist of Aria Medica, providing advices to the finance and strategic marketing teams. Mr. Rao has over 30 years of diverse work experience in academic, government, public and private corporate sectors. Mr. Rao was associated with Indian government’s Ministry of Steel and Public Sector working on demand forecasting and input-output models and project appraisals of Mega and Mini Steel plants He has also worked with other reputed corporate sectors such as viz. Reliance Retail, JSW Steel Limited, Essar Group, Ispat Group and Garware Polyester Limited.

Mr. Rao participated in Management Development Programmes conducted by Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Ahmedabad, on advanced Data Analytics on marketing decisions and IIMBangalore on projects, preparation, appraisal and implementation.

Mr. Rao has received his Bachelor degree from Loyola College, India and Master and M.Phil. Degrees from University of Hyderabad, India and M.S. QDE from University of Warwick United Kingdom.

Our Team

Ab. Ghafar Danishyar

Project Manager (Hello Life)

Mr. Ghafar is the project manager, and he manages the online commercial platform. In this position, Mr. Ghafar working alongside the CEO to coordinate strategies development and implementation of project, and he maintains relationships with clients, organize high official meetings, help implementing new procedures, and handle correspondence.

Mr. Ghafar has strong business background with more than 5 years of experience in Admin/Finance. He has been part of several companies both in India and Afghanistan, and managed both national and international clients with comprehensive experience, competencies, and knowledge of organizational policies and practices. In addition, he has been part of different Management sessions and Model United Nationals (MUNs) in India, and he was part of an Indian company where he was responsible for managing administration and financial related issues.

Mr. Ghafar has received his Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Management from Pune University, Pune, India.

Our Team

Moh. Saber Jawad

Pharmaceutical Management Director

Mr. Jawad leads the pharmaceutical department at Aria Medica. He is mainly responsible for the management of overall business activities, developing and implementing objectives, strategies, policies and directives within pharmaceutical division, and ensuring that the division objectives and deliverables are met within the proposed timeline and budget. In addition, Mr. Jawad is responsible for bringing new businesses and tracking donors’ funding in pharmaceutical sector.

Mr. Jawad has 16 years of experience in pharmaceutical management of Basic Package for Health Services (BPHS), and Essential Package of Hospitals Services (EPHS). He was also part of the establishment of Drug and Therapeutic Committees (DTCs) at National, Regional and Provincial level. Mr. Jawad has worked with different USAID donor agencies and International implementing partners including World Health Organization (WHO).

Mr. Jawad has received his Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmaceutical from Faculty of Pharmacy, Kabul University, and a candidate for Masters in Public Health (MPH) at Abasin University of Peshawar, Pakistan.

Our Team

Mr. Anuraag Dalal

Marketing Strategist

Mr. Anuraag Dalal is working as Marketing Strategist for Aria Medica. He is mainly responsible in setting specific objectives to develop a cohesive and profitable marketing strategies aligned with business targets, including designing digital and offline marketing campaigns and performing market research.

Mr. Anuraag has more than 10 years of professional experience in digital and offline marketing. Previously, Mr. Anuraag was the marketing head at BAL Pharma Ltd, and he was attached to several management groups as a speaker and a part of conferences and roundtable discussions at DMAI, D&B events, and ASSOCHAM.

Mr. Anuraag holds his bachelor degree in Chemistry from the University of Pune, and he possesses a Post Graduate Degree in International Marketing from CMS, Bangalore (Formerly known as MATS School of Business and IT).